Petaluma Hills Farm property consists of 37 acres zoned LEA B6 100 Z with two homes and several existing agricultural buildings.


We have partnered with Heritage Salvage for the demolition of the existing non-functional agricultural buildings in a safe and sustainable fashion. The beautiful weathered redwood siding and metal roofing will be repurposed into new construction elsewhere.


Currently the bulk of the land is used for cattle grazing. This will continue as we are committed to preserving important grazing lands in our dairy belt.  



Sustainable Chefs’ Garden

Petaluma Hills Farm, with our non-cannabis partner Sonoma Hills Farm and Chefs’ Garden will be growing a one-acre organic food garden managed as a professional CSA for local and world renowned chefs.


Cannabis Cultivation

The cannabis cultivation at Petaluma Hills Farm will be a total of one acre of land split between two locations on our property as described below:


  • 28,560 sq/ft outdoor cannabis garden farmed with dry farming techniques.  The outdoor plot will occupy the old footprint of three large chicken barns.


  • 10,000 sq/ft state-of-the-art closed environment agriculture (CEA) greenhouse for cannabis cultivation with an attached 5,000 sq/ft facility for plant propagation and strain development.

Water Conservation
Efficient water use is our #1 goal.
Community Safety
Minimal disturbance with maximum security.
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Maintaining the rural and open nature of our community.
High efficiency on our farm means less traffic for you.
Farming Methods
Sustainability is our top priority.
Energy Consumption
PHF goes above and beyond requirements of the SCCO to ensure only clean and renewable energy is used.
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Petaluma Hills Farm - 334 Purvine Road, Petaluma, CA 94952