Our Team

The partners/operators of Petaluma Hill Farms are: Sam Magruder and Gian-Paolo Veronese. Their backgrounds include years of cultivation, hospitality, corporate finance and operations.

Sam Magruder

Samuel “Sam” Magruder has been cultivating high quality medical cannabis for nearly 20 years. During college he began working as a volunteer caretaker for a patient with Multiple Sclerosis. It was there he was first exposed to the pain relief and medicinal benefits marijuana can provide. He has since dedicated himself to leading projects that give medical patients access to quality cannabis that is responsibly and consistently cultivated.


In his extensive career, he has studied and mastered cultivation with outdoor, mixed light, and indoor environments and has focused his efforts on producing exceptional plants following the highly sophisticated and continuously evolving cultivation technique of controlled environment agriculture (CEA).  


Outside of cannabis cultivation, Sam has spent 15 years involved in project management and operations, including roles as managing partner at Ridgeholm Energy Partners, LLC and COO of Black Mesa Energy LLC. Sam has also been directly involved in residential real estate development, land development, and hospitality industry development.  


Gian-Paolo Veronese

Gian-Paolo’s entrepreneurial spirit is only trumped by his interest in connecting with, and helping, others. He is a successful entrepreneur with substantial leadership experience in hospitality, finance, and operations.


Gian-Paolo has always enjoyed the intersection between business and politics, and firmly believes that solid business foundation is built upon great community relationships. While a resident of Glen Ellen and owner/operator of Aventine Restaurant Glen Ellen, he maintains strong ties to community and business leaders throughout California.


Recognized by San Francisco Magazine as one of the city’s most up and coming entrepreneurs, Gian-Paolo is the founder of Taverna Aventine in San Francisco and started Vero Enterprises, a management company for the hospitality industry. He previously served as Chief Operations and Financial Officer for the law offices of Mayor Joseph L. Alioto and Angela Alioto, and has since continued to serve the firm in the capacity of strategic financial advisor and mediation manager.

Our Vision


A Modern Storage Shed

B South Chicken Barns (Salvaged)

C Storage Barn (Salvaged)

D North Chicken Barn (Salvaged)


E Office of VP-Marketing

F Security Office

G Agricultural Education Area

H Chefs Garden at Sonoma Hills Farm

I Century Barn

J Parking W Grazing

K Processing Pavilion

L Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

M Drying Barn

N State-of-the-Art Dutch Greenhouses (4)

O Indoor Cultivation Area

P Fenced-In Maintenance Area

Q Outdoor Deck

R Employee Break Area

S Chicken Coop

T Livestock Barn

U Old Fire Pit

V VP-Marketing Residence

Petaluma Hills Farm - 334 Purvine Road, Petaluma, CA 94952