Continued peaceful enjoyment of our rural countryside is of utmost importance to the team at Petaluma Hills Farm (PHF). Accordingly, we have designed our security plan with this in mind.


The Farm’s security will be robust yet cause minimal disturbance. Access to the property, cultivation sites, and support buildings will be limited only to those who hold authorization, with safety barriers that include fences and electronic locks.  An electronic guard station at the front gate will allow for video monitored check-ins of all employees and visitors.


The Farm will be fully compliant with California’s state laws regulating cannabis, using video surveillance to monitor all buildings where cannabis is cultivated, processed, destroyed, or stored. Video records will be maintained for a minimum for 30 days and be accessible to state auditors.


Our advanced surveillance system will monitor vehicular and pedestrian traffic around the property, as well as within the cultivation sites and buildings. In addition to advanced technology, 24-hour onsite security guards will monitor both the video surveillance system and the alarm system, and our onsite farm manager will live on the property full-time.


Furthermore, the entire property will be connected to a monitored alarm system that will alert our central security service, as well as state and local authorities if triggered.

Petaluma Hills Farm - 334 Purvine Road, Petaluma, CA 94952

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