Petaluma Hills Farm daily activity will have a very low traffic impact as confirmed in a report by W-Trans: California Traffic Engineering Consultants.


CONCLUSION: The proposed new use of 334 Purvine Road is expected to generate a limited number of trips both on a daily basis and during peak hours. Because the change can reasonably be expected to produce so little traffic, it is reasonable to conclude that the proposed change in land use would have an imperceptible impact on traffic operation.

-PHF Traffic Report July 5, 2017


A full report is available upon request in hard or soft copy.

Given the extent of the automation within our state-of-the-art cultivation facility, five full-time staff members will oversee the majority of the operations. One of these will live on the property with his family as the farm manager.

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Petaluma Hills Farm - 334 Purvine Road, Petaluma, CA 94952